1. A charm affecting the eye, making objects appear different from what they really are.
  2. Witchcraft; magic; a spell.
  3. A kind of haze in the air, causing things to appear different from what they really are.
  4. Any artificial interest in, or association with, an object, through which it appears delusively magnified or glorified.
  5. Alluring beauty or charm (often with sex-appeal)

6 letters in word "glamor": A G L M O R.

No anagrams for glamor found in this word list.

Words found within glamor:

ag ago al algor am ar argol arm gal gam gaol gar glam gloam glom go goa goal gor goral gorm gram groma la lag lam lar largo lo loam log loma lor ma mag mal mar marg marl mo moa mog mol mola molar mor mora moral oar ogam olm om or ora oral rag ram roam rolag rom roma romal